Documents You Need To Prepare When Registering Your Business In RAK Free Zone

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the fastest growing free trade zones in UAE. In fact, most people in the business sector are looking forward to the continuous growth of this location as it caters to a number of business investors, especially in the industrial and tourism sector. A notable increase in Dubai freezone company formation has been cited by different sectors which attracts more business owners.

As they say, “Strike while the iron is hot.” If you are thinking of having your business setup in RAK, these are the documents that you need to prepare:

  1. Accomplished license form

If you are licensing and registering an individual establishment, you need to fill out an application form that either came from the governing agencies or the offshore company formation dubai firm that you will employ. Fill out the form and double-check it for any mistakes or missing fields. Just to be sure, have someone check the form before you passed it for licensing and registration.

  1. Proof of identity

In any government transaction, proof of identity is need. Have your passport and naturalization identification photocopied and scanned.If possible make several copies just in case you lost the first ones. Put it in an envelope or have your firm secure them for you for safekeeping.

  1. Copy of employee’s passport and other proofs of identity

Apart from your passport, you might also need to provide a copy of your employees’ passport and proof of identity. This is to ensure that the workers that will be operating on your establishment have proper papers and documents, especially if they are foreign workers that you hire from other locations. Have them photocopy, scanned these documents and put them in one file for safekeeping.

  1. Proof of educational attainment and professional experience

Another thing that the licensing agency would require are copies of you and your employees’ educational attainment and professional experience. The reason for this requirement is to ensure that you and your team are quite knowledgeable about the business your are running. Do not forget to include, photocopy, and scanned these documents. This would include transcript of records, diplomas and any certificates that would show professional training of the people involved in your business.

  1. Approval from governing agencies

This would depend on the business activity you are in. Just to be sure, ask your formation firm what government agencies you need to connect and get approval from. These agencies would probably have their own requirements so be sure to ask for a checklist and process the necessary documents needed to get their approval.