Types of online advertisement and its advantages

Online advertisement is growing with a faster rate in term of revenues as more and more people are becoming internet user belonging from all age groups. People have switched to internet even for their entertainment instead of reading newspapers, watching TV and listening radio stations. Their purpose of use can be varied but companies find it beneficial to target them through web for introducing their diverse range of products, jobs, ideas, services and entertainments. It is found that companies operating on a smaller scale with limited budgets or offering products with lower profit margins usually prefer to go for aggressive online advertisement.

Major types of online advertising:

  • Floating web Advertisements

As the name shows, ads move all over the screen or float on particular focused contents that link up the use of the company advertisement.

  • Web banner advertising

Web banners are made attractive and eye catching by a digital marketing agency Dubai to grab the user’s attention to make them click on the banner that takes them to the company site.

  • Pop up ads

Pop up ads are completely displayed in a new window that comes in front of user by crossing the existing one.

  • Wallpaper advertisement

Wallpaper ads appear in the background of the existing window on websites.

  • Marketing advertisement

Marketing ads are posted with attraction grabbers that urge users to become the buyer of their offering like discount coupons, sales announcements and contest participation etc.

  • Blog advertising

Companies launch personal belongs that gives information to the users about their operations, differentiations, new products and features.

Important advantages of online advertisement:

  • It enables companies to target wider range of audience globally without any geographical limitations.
  • It enhances company profits and sales by giving wider coverage.
  • It reaches to the right potential customers and makes advertising efforts worthwhile.
  • It is a more inexpensive way of advertisement that generates high turnover rate.
  • It makes the improvising process more convenient and measure for the companies.
  • It works with highest speed for diverse campaigns simultaneously for different product lines of the same company.
  • It delivers more satisfaction by providing maximum information in their detailed contents.
  • It practically helps in improving customer base, product positioning, brand image, and customer loyalty through the feedback process.
  • It gives leverage to the companies by providing flexible payment option directly proportional to the sales generated.
  • It generates a higher rate of return because of minimum initial expenses and performance based payment system.
  • It also gives convenience to the user that they may see the advertisements at their leisure time.

It makes the buying process easier for users that they feel the things only a few steps away from them. Click here for more information in this regard.