Art in Dubai

We always build connections between countries or cities and things that they are most famous for. And it gets hard to apply other associations, for instance, Italy is food, statues, and art, France is the Eiffel tower. Dubai, for the most people, is luxury and tall buildings. You wouldn’t think about going to Dubai for art, would you? Maybe it is not your first reason to visit Dubai but it should be something to consider. Dubai does have art and you should learn about it.


Art is always supported in Dubai

No wonder why a lot of young talented artists seek to move to Dubai. The city has all the opportunities for artists to do their work. Whether it is through providing studios, organizing workshops or exhibitions in galleries, the city encourages aspiring artists. Art fairs are quite common events in Dubai, the biggest ones being Art Dubai and Sikka Art Fair. The former takes place every March, so if you are an art fan and happen to be in Dubai, visit Madinat Jumeirah and be a part of a wonderful artistic event. The fair hosts artist from all over the globe: Middle East, Asia, Europe, North and South America, North Africa and Australia․ Local artists get to meet their colleagues from abroad and share their experience with one another. The government of Dubai does not forget to reward the best ones of the field with prizes like the Abraaj Group Art Prize.

Abraaj Group Art Prize

The prize was named after its founder, the Abraaj Group. The prize aims to support contemporary artists of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), and South Asia. In order to become a nominee, the artists need to give the committee their unreleased works that will be shown in March. The winning artist receives a $100,000 prize in the form of commission for a new piece of artwork, while 3 shortlisted artists are given a cash prize of $10,000.

The Global Art Forum

Even the name suggests that this has to be one of the most important events among artists, and it is. The Global Art Forum is a part of Art Dubai. It gathers all the interested personas from the Middle East and Asia in Dubai. The conference consists of live talks, panel discussions and also features regional and international thought leaders, artists, curators, and writers. The Global Art Forum is a platform for both experienced and rookie artists to meet new people.