Overview of pediatric orthopedic surgery

You might be aware of the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai but do you know who to visit when a child needs some related attention. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon is a particularly trained and skilled orthopedist, licensed to give medical-surgical guidance and nonsurgical or surgical care to infants, children, and teenager patients. They assist patients to restore their normal musculoskeletal functions, or maximize the capacity to utilize the musculoskeletal system in patients having chronic or irreversible diseases.

Pediatric orthopedists center on caring for children and adolescents in rendering orthopedic evaluation and intervention. This entails years of academic and clinical instruction and training to be successful in meeting the restorative and palliative goals of surgery. To become a full-fledged pediatric orthopedic surgeon, after a bachelor’s degree program, and finishing the four years of medical school, one has to undergo approximately five years of residency training in orthopedic surgery. Finally to become fully fit as a pediatric orthopedist, a further one year of pediatric orthopedics and spinal deformity training must be completed.

The orthopedic care given to children and adults differ since the children are still undergoing the process of bone development. Also, there are numerous instances wherein the assessment, evaluation, and treatment for similar problems with children and adults highly differ.

Among the issues treated by pediatric orthopedic surgeons include
• Fractured bones
• Infections and tumors of the musculoskeletal system
• Abnormalities in pace
• Congenital limb and spine deformities

Apart from physiologic and physical variances, children also differ from adults in the emotional and psychological aspects. Unlike adults, children are unable to articulate symptoms or define the magnitude of pain that they feel. Infants also have the predisposition to throw tantrums when they feel seized, uncomfortable, or when in pain. These reactions often hamper the treatment progress requiring special skills and knowledge that only pediatric orthopedists hold.

Like any of the clinics of a pediatric doctor in Dubai, pediatric orthopedic clinics are too designed in a way that will be comfortable and enticing for children who fear to step inside typical-looking hospitals and clinics. They have tools for activities such as books, toys, and videos that can help allay their fears.

Today, numerous pediatric orthopedic surgeons are available in many countries. If you are looking for one, ask for referrals from your general pediatrician or search the internet for the names and contact details of the pediatric orthopedists available near you.