Australian Skilled Immigration Program

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Australia is a highly popular destination for immigration. People from all over the world come here to live and start fresh. But, before travelling to Australia some stages of processing and procedures known as Australian immigration program are required. This includes skilled immigration program, stream family, source countries, regional initiatives and temporary migration.

The general skilled immigration program is basically for those people who want to emigrate to Australia and work there on a permanent basis. They can gain the permanent visa by meeting the immigration requirements of certain qualification, work experience and language ability. Migration to Australia from Oman and Quebec immigration both requires meeting the given criteria.

To be considered eligible as applicants for Australian skilled immigration program, you must be below the age of 50 and should have sufficient ability in English language. You must have your skills and qualifications assessed by the authority according to your nominated occupation and have a good health and a clean criminal record.

Australian skilled immigration program is divided into 5 subclasses which require different score points.

Skilled independent visa – subclass 189:

This class contains skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, state, territory or a family member. This is a permanent visa that provides full work rights to applicants and allows them to live anywhere they want. Eligible family members can be included in this application.

Skilled nominated visa –  subclass 190:

This holds group of skilled workers who have a nomination through an Australian state or territory. It gives the visa holder the permission to live and work permanently wherever they want. Eligible family members are included in this list too.

Graduate temporary visa (subclass 485):

There are two categories for subclass 485.

1)         Graduate work:  Students who have studied for at least 2 years fall under this category and can apply for visa to work for a period of 18 months to 4 years.

2)         Post-study work: students who have completed their bachelors or higher studies in Australia are nominated to remain and work for 4 years.

Skilled nominated provisional (subclass 489):

Skilled workers are nominated by a state or territory to live in a low population growth area. Their visa is only valid for 4 years.

Skilled regional visa (subclass 887):

This is a second based permanent visa with no points based requirements. To obtain this visa, the applicants must meet certain requirements where the application is filed.

It is vital to understand the requirements and stages that are necessary for applying for immigration. You should carefully choose the right one which suits your needs as an immigrant.