Tricks That’ll Help You Hire A Quality Landscape Company

Residents of Dubai pay a great deal of attention to their home’s landscape. They’ll do their homework before hiring a company but once they do, they hire the one that will do the job right. Surely you want to be in that lot right? Here is more on how to from amongst the best landscape companies in Dubai:

Make Calls

The first thing you should do is to spread the word in your social circle. Ask your colleagues, family and friends about how they chose a landscaping company. Collect several contact numbers and make calls. Inquire about the company, price and the time they’ll take to complete the contract.

Read Testimonies

While contacting, do look for their website. Pay attention to the reviews and testimonies that company had received. Despite a common belief that companies put fake testimonies, most companies put testimonies as they receive them no matter how negative they are. Have faith in these testimonies and contact support staff for further queries.


Always look for a landscaping company that has a vast portfolio. Don’t fall for those that provide a handful of services and claim to understand landscaping. In short, your home landscaping requires a full time landscaping company, not a makeshift one. Once you found a trustworthy company that could fulfill your landscaping needs, ask them about the duration and rates. You can bargain if you like as some companies show flexibility and may adjust the rates if needed.


An important aspect of choosing a landscaping company is to know if it is properly licensed or not. Avoid hiring contractors who claim they’ve applied for the license and will get in due time. You don’t know if they applied or not, so why bother hiring a contractor that has a shady reputation and no license?

Moreover, you should only hire a contractor that is swift in responding to your queries. It should understand the importance of response time as well so note down the time it takes in responding back to your queries.

Avoid companies that hesitate in providing referrals. You would think they have something to hide don’t you, and no one should blame you.

Try these tricks before hiring any of the reputable landscape contractors in Dubai read this.