Growing Up In A Digital Environment: What Parents Need To Know

With the advent of technology, everyone can access information and entertainment, including kids. With the rise of mobile devices, your toddlers can simply get to any site they want with just one click. But despite the advantages of having access to information, a lot of studies indicated that too much screen time for kids could adversely affect their development. Mostly, these studies postulate that using mobile devices can affect the learning and attention span of kids and would also have grave effects on their attitude towards other people.

But the fact is, this technology is here to stay. What parents can do is to ensure that their toddlers are properly guided in using these devices. Here are some guidelines from a top babysitter in Dubai about the proper use of digital devices for kids:

  • Playtime should be a priority

Even with the prevalence of online environment, parents should always should always ensure that their kids are getting quality playtime outside the online world. It would lessen their screen time immensely. Do not let your kids spend their playtime with their devices. Set a playtime hour every day without their device. It can be about playing outside your home or with their friends indoor.

  • Be wary of the content

Since accessing information and content is pretty easy, kids can go to any website they want. If you are not vigilant in checking, your kid might be led to sites that are strictly for adults. Apart from limiting their screen time, you also need to check what your child views online. Keep tabs on the apps they are using and content they are accessing. A lot of sites posed as educational platforms, but you still need to check if they are providing quality and appropriate content for your kids. Another thing that you need to check is the people your kids are dealing with online. Some people might have the harmless intention of connecting with your kids, but they might be feeding your kid inappropriate information.

  • Set the “unplug” rule

Apart from the one hour playtime each day, you also need to set the unplug rule on specific daily routines like the mealtime. Be sure that they unplug their devices during these occasions. To encourage your kids, follow the rules also. This would create a consistency in the atmosphere until your kids get the hang of this setup.

  • Use online mistakes as precautionary tale

There are a lot of stories and news published online about kids and social media. Most of these news are about bullying and improper use of gadgets and apps that led to unfortunate situations. A Dubai nanny advised in taking this opportunity to advise and teach your kids about the possibilities of incorrectly using the medium and the channels.