Facts about different solid surface stones

When you want to construct or renovate your home, the kitchen is the most important place to pay attention to because it is the place from where you can hygienic food or get illness. So it is necessary to buy material which is user friendly and also looks beautiful. There are hundreds of choices for the counter top when you go to shop, a lot of colors, shapes and stone varieties are available at any solid surface company. Sometimes people get confused while shopping and sometimes they make poor choices due to lack of knowledge. Before buying any counter top you should get some information about the stones which are used in them and for this purpose you can look at this:

Granite: It is the one which is quite expensive because of its maintenance as it has to be sealed at the top after installation to make it stain resistant but the good thing is that if there are joints they will not be noticeable and also it is heat resistant.

Marble: It is a natural occurring stone which is available in few colors and also softer than the granite. It is also expensive due to its maintenance as it has to be resealed often but due to its softness it is best for baking.

Concrete: It is a very hard stone and that’s why also very durable. Due to its hardness it must be mounted by professionals because if not handled carefully it may curl up from the edges. It is also available in lots of colors but due to its need of resealing it is expensive afterwards.

Solid surfaces: It is a low maintenance stone which is normally made from one or from intermingling of two different materials due to which it is available in a large variety of colors. It is easy to handle and non observable joints but it is not heat defiant.

Plastic laminate: It is most affordable from all of the above and another advantage is that you can also buy it ready to use, just buy and install. They are available in matte and shiny but to make it more long-lasting matte finish plastic laminate should be used. There is also a bad side of this that if not installed and treated carefully it may crack and then it has to be replaced.