5 Features You Need to Check When Buying Plus Size Dresses

Shopping can be a daunting activity for some. But for most full-bodied women, it is doubly hard as they need to consider a lot of factors before they can choose the right ones.

But do not fret. By knowing the features you need to look for, dress-hunting can be a little forgiving and less stressful.

  1. Fabric

One of the most important that you need to consider when buying plus size dresses in Dubai is the fabric. Generally, all fabrics are allowed to be used but it would depend on the kind of apparel.  Flimsy fabrics like silk can be used for plus sized blouses. However, the tailoring should be perfect as to not ruin the look of the dress. Linen is considered a great choice, especially for trousers, due to its breathable feature.

  1. Fit and cut

The fit and cut is definitely essential as it will determine if a certain type of dress would fit your body type. The key here is to know your body measurement (including your height) and check which body type and shape you belong. From there you can determine which type of cut fits you. For women who are top heavy, type of dress that would draw attention to the eyes is ideal. V-necks and open necklines are also flattering. For bottom heavy women, fitted clothing is your friend as it accentuates that shape of your curves.

  1. Color and patterns

Colors are not much of an issue since you can use any colors that you want. Many big size clothes in Dubai comes in different colors and hues. What you need to consider here is your skin complexion. Choose a color that complements your skin tone. For warm skin tones, colors honey, olive, and cream can add shimmer to your already warm skin. For those who possess cool tones, blue, rose, and lavender can highlight your color. Neutral colored women can wear any colors on the color wheel, but it is advisable to go for the lighter shade instead of bolder ones.

As for patterns, be wisely on choosing a patterned apparel. It should not highlight your size but cleverly hides the bumps that you want to stay hidden.

  1. Accessories

Accessories is quite important on highlighting your overall look. Choose pieces that complements your dress. It should not overpower the style of the dress but rather give a classic touch to it. Learn to mix and match and see if it goes well with your dress style.

  1. Great underwear

The inside is as important as the outside, in this case your underwear. Any dress needs great support. Wearing appropriate bras and undergarments will ensure great structure on the dress.